John Deere Diagnostic Kit EDL

John Deere Diagnostic Kit EDL
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Does the kit it including Service advisor software?
By Sam on 2012.11.09
Dear Sam, JOHN DEERE DIAGNOSTIC KIT EDL includes: John Deere Service ADVISOR 4.0 [2011] AG (Agriculture). And as option you can purchase JD Service ADVISOR 4.0 [2011] CCE (Commercial and Consumer Equipment)
By on 2012.11.09
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Product features
Type:Diagnostic software
Region:All regions
OS:Win 7, Win XP
Disk:6 kg
Product description

John Deere Diagnostic Kit EDL - Software for Analyzing, Diagnostics, Calibration & Reprogramming

John Deere Diagnostic Kit allows user to perform troubleshooting of equipment and obtain the understanding of the mechanical concepts and procedures inherent in machinery troubleshooting technology.

John Deere Diagnostic Kit is a special diagnostic tool for service of agricultural, construction equipment and engines of the technique John Deere.

Diagnostic set includes:

  • electronic Data Link v2;
  • 15' USB cable;
  • W1 9-pin Deutsch adapter.

Diagnostic tool encompasses instructions on service, repair, diagnostics and also schemes on assembly and disassembly of engines and transmissions.

Constituent part of the diagnostic kit is a set of wiring diagrams and hydraulic schemes, instructions on reprogramming, calibration files. With the help of diagnostic adapter users can use data of Center of technical help, perform diagnostics, reading, calibration and reprogramming of controllers.

John Deere Diagnostic Kit runs on a PC, Laptop, Notebook or Netbook and is currently compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7.

John Deere Diagnostic Kit is an authentic software which includes required information due to the type of automotive catalog(repair manual, spare part catalog or diagnostic software/hardware). User will receive high-qualified technical support after installation of the software on the PC.

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